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Frankie Muhammad TAVA Lifestyle Distributor

Frankie Muhammad
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Hello, My name is Frankie. I am a Independent Business Owner with Tava Life Style. I have been helping people lose weight and get Healthy with TAVA Products. Tava is one of the Fastest Growing Health And Wellness Companies in the MLM Industry. TAVA is an network marketing company that helps everyday people achieve optimal health and a higher quality of life.

An Tava LifeStyle Home Based Business  is for people in the health, fitness, nutrition, coaching, integrative medicine, health care, mental health, yoga, natural medicine. It’s for those that want to make some extra money without totally interrupting their life.  It’s for those that want to make a passive income.

Some  times just making an extra $500 a month can change people lives. You set your own hours.  There is no quota, and you can build your business part time. This company has enable thousands of distributors to make a full time income working part time.


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Frankie Muhammad TAVA Lifestyle Distributor

Frankie Muhammad
Independent Business Number 35865

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If you have wanted to Join TAVA LifeStyle but you didn’t have the money, I got good news. This is our First Year In Business Anniversary. TAVA is allowing individual to start a Home Based Business For Free. All you have to do is purchase one bottle of Vale 30.

Once you join TAVA, you will get a State of the Art Website. You make money when people come to the website and make a purchase. Also, you don’t have to ship the products to customers TAVA will do that for you. Get paid every week. Also, you get access to TAVA products at a wholesale price. Get free training. Think about for $49 plus shipping you can start a Home Based Business. See You On The Team


How To Become A Distributor For Tava LifeStyle Make Money From Home

Frankie Muhammad TAVA Lifestyle Distributor

Frankie Muhammad
Independent Business Number 35865

Shop With Tava LifeStyle: https://teamtavaworld.tavalifestyle.com/shop/

Start Business TAVA Lifestyle: https://teamtavaworld.tavalifestyle.com/opportunity

Hello, my Name is Frankie. I live in Memphis, TN. I am a distributor for TAVA LifeStyle. If you came to my blog because you want to become a Distributor for TAVA Lifestyle, you came the right place. I have helped numerous people become distributors, start home based businesses, detox, burn fat and lose weight with TAVA products.

Becoming a Distributor for Tava LifeStyle will allow you to start a home based business for under $150.00. Once you join, you will get access to amazing products for a wholesale price. Also, you will get a State of the Art Website. Also, you will make a retail commission when someone order from your website. You don’t even have to stock products, handle returns or mail the products. TAVA Lifestyle will ship the products to the customers for your. Furthermore, we get paid 5 Different Ways at TAVA Lifestyle. Sign Up for TAVA LifeStyle


How To Make Money With CTFO Compensation Plan Best CBD Home Based Business In 2020

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Frankie Bilal Muhammad (Atlanta)
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You make money when someone clicks a link on your site that goes to one of the companies you picked. If they decide to go ahead and buy one of the products you recommend, you receive a commission on their purchase. Once they become a customer you then potentially have a business partner prospect, introduce them to the opportunity.

It really is that simple. You don’t have to worry about keeping inventory, buying products or trying to meet customers face-to-face. All you must do is create quality content that focuses on the needs of people looking for CBD Oil and then help them to find a product that will meet those needs. You do all of this through your website content and earn money when people make purchases of products through companies you’re in business with.


Video: How To Make Residual Income And A Full Time Income With World Ventures Compensation Plan Start Business Now $49

Frankie Muhammad World Ventures Business Travel Representative
Frankie Muhammad
World Ventures Travel Representative (Atlanta)
Sponsor# 298999462



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Frankie Muhammad World Ventures Business Travel Representative
Frankie Muhammad
World Ventures Travel Representative (Atlanta)
Sponsor# 298999462


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how to take luxury wholesale vacations and make money from home selling travel products

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The Benefits Of Joining World Ventures Amazing Exclusive Travel Club

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    15. Save Up to 50% through our member only Discount Program on Dining and Entertainment.

How To Make Money With World Ventures Compensation Plan

This is the perfect time. You can now start a home based travel business with the most powerful Travel Company in the MLM Industry for only $49. Your Travel Business and State Of The Art Website will only cost you $24 a month. Travel is 8 trillion dollar industry. World Ventures have been around since 2005 and sold billions of dollars worth of travel products. Get started today!

  1. Benefits Of Starting A Travel Business With World Ventures

    1. Start Up Cost Only $49
    2. Only Cost $24 Month To Main Business
    3. No Boss
    4. Partner With A Travel Company That Has Sold Over 2 billion Dollars Worth Of Travel Products
    5. No Quota
    6. No Product Stocking
    7. Residual Income
    8. Competitive Compensation Plan
    9. Get State Of The Art Website
    10. Professional Training And Coaching
    11.  Bonuses And Incentive Pay
    12. Car Bonus
    13. Low Start Up Cost
    14. Less Than $20 A Month To Maintain Business
    15. Ability To Win Free Luxury Vacations
    16. Tax Benefits For Having Home Based Business

Start Home Based Business With World Ventures

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Why Most People Fail In Network Marketing

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

1. They don’t build a social media following or build their MLM Business Online.

2. They rely on only one marketing strategy (What will you do if that is taken away?).

3. They’re not involved in team events, training and meetings.

4. A lot of marketers don’t do personal development (You can’t stay ahead of the competition if you don’t work on yourself).

5. They aren’t focusing on a laser targeted market.

6. They have no mentor to help guide them or they don’t stay in touch with their upline.

7. Many of them don’t stay focused on their work.

8. They procrastinate and get distracted by other things or even other MLM Companies.

9. They try to learn everything before taking any action (I was guilty of this when I started).

10. They don’t do income producing activities.

11. A lot of network marketers aren’t consistent enough.

12. They spam their affiliate link all over the place.

13. They try to hard sell everyone and don’t add value to the MLM Community.

14. They don’t build a relationship with their prospects or customers.

15. They try to pitch their opportunity first. They should concentrated on getting customers and letting the customers become business owner.

16. A lot of them don’t build an email list (HUGE mistake).

17. They don’t position themselves as the leader when influencing prospects.

18. They act desperate for the sale (People see right through this).

19. Many of them don’t focus on mastering a couple of marketing strategies instead of all of them (A jack of all trades is the master of none).

20. They throw money spontaneously at paid ads without knowing what they’re doing.

21. They don’t do any kind of content for long term lead generation (Marketers need to do videos, social media content, blogs, etc. for permanent long term assets that collect leads forever).

22. They don’t test what they’re using to create traffic, collect leads and convert sales.

23. The don’t give themselves time to build their MLM Business. They quit to fast. No patience. Some even join more that one MLM Company at a time which is always a problem.


How To Become A Top Earner In Network Marketing

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional


1. Hustle and being consistent: You need to be hustling every day. I’m talking about always being on the hunt for opportunities and business partners. In networking marketing terms that means always looking out for suitable prospects for your network marketing business.

If you have a blog like me, and I definitely recommend you do, always hustling for material to share. Try to create content everyday. If you do Youtube, try to do a Youtube Videos everyday.  If you market through Facebook and Instagram do it everyday.

2. Why not build an online marketing machine and get leads from all over the world wanting to know more about your opportunity. Get online I’ve already said it, but get yourself online. There’s a whole world of opportunity out there who want to learn from you. If you don’t have a MLM blog create one. If you have a blog you can become an authority in your industry and provide content that will help people.

3. Duplication is the success to Network Marketing or it’s just another day job. You need to be able to put into place the systems so your new distributor is independent from you and quickly earning their own money and creating a residual income for you. When they see the money come in then they will stay motivated, then they’re not going to be one of the vast majority that drop out.

4. Strive to be a leader. Working your way through the levels of your company and becoming a top earning leader is the pinnacle achievement in Network Marketing. our Stance (how you carry yourself). Make sure you go to all your company events and training.

5. Always be a student. Be willing to let people coach you. Strive to learn from top earners in your industry. There is never a point where you know everything in Network Marketing.  You need to be continuously improving your skills and practicing them.

6. Attend live events. As the old saying goes “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” If its possible, attend as many networking events as you can. This will help you to meet like-minded individuals. In my experience, never pitch your company at these events. Just get to know them, collect their business card and call them the next day to tell them about your opportunity.


Video: Why Network Marketing Is Better Than A Regular Job Or Traditional Business

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

Benefits Of Network Marketing

1. Low Financial Risk

One of the biggest and most obvious advantages is that Network Marketing allows individuals to minimize the risks they are undertaking, in order to start earning and build-up the success ladder eventually. As compared to the traditional businesses, the amount of financial commitment these MLM programs will actually require is very insignificant.

2. Unlimited Income Potential

With Network Marketing, one can decide for themselves and set their own earning targets, based on their potentials, skill set and the goals they wish to achieve.

There is no ‘cap’ on the amount one can earn with Network Marketing Programs. Generally employees of any given business face the limitations of earning at some point at least, when even their added hard work and efforts don’t get an added pay, the earning still remains restricted as per market standards of one’s job profile.

3. Earn Residual Income

With Network Marketing, one of the greatest advantages is the residual income opportunity that it provides. Upon completing the initial effort of onboarding the customer, network marketers can then enjoy the residual part of their relation, when the new customer is now building connections of their own and taking business further.

4. Dont Need Employees

In Network Marketing, individuals build connections, work on a chain of these networks and cross-sell products or services to benefit themselves and the people in their connection – no one is anyone’s employee in this!

5. Flexible Set Your Own Schedule No Quota

Goes with saying that such type of marketing programs offer unparallel flexibility in terms and methods of working, while offering the convenience to the network marketers as well.

6. Like-minded Community

When you love what you do, no task seems undoable. In case of Network Marketing, you end up finding a lot more people with similar skillsets, who have goals similar to yours and have the same type of enthusiastic approach and positive attitude towards the affiliate programs.

7. Time Freedom Work From Home

Last but not the least, freedom of work-space, freedom of work-culture and the freedom to expand your business at your will is all possible with a career as network marketers.

With sharp marketing skills, strong connection building forte and clear understanding of where and how you see your business progressing, attaining freedom in this stream is easier. This type of a career doesn’t just offer good earning but also a lifestyle that makes individuals choose these type of programs.


Video: Do Only People At The Top Make Money In Network Marketing

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

Some people think that only the people at the top in Network Marketing make money. If you study the industry you will find out that thousands of people have become six and seven figure earners in MLM that started at the bottom. It simply take skills, patience and you have to be willing to learn and do what it takes to rise to the top.


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For online a $25 Sign Up Fee and $25 A Month Access Our Dream Trips Silver Vacation  Travel Club Package. Get your wholesale travel website with guaranteed  best prices on all hotels, resorts. Benefits Of World Ventures New DreamTrip Silver Travel Club Package: Travel independently anytime, anywhere. Enjoy non-stop access to our wholesale pricing on hotels + top deals on flights, car rentals and more.

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Start A World Ventures International Travel Business For $49 Best Compensation Plan, Residual Income, Car Bonus

Frankie Muhammad World Ventures Business Travel Representative
Frankie Muhammad
World Ventures Travel Representative (Atlanta)
Sponsor# 298999462

World Ventures Home Based Business Owners Presentation

  1. Benefits Of Starting A Travel Business With World Ventures

    1. No Boss
    2. Partner With A Travel Company That Has Sold Over 2 billion Dollars Worth Of Travel Products
    3. No Quota
    4. No Product Stocking
    5. Residual Income
    6. Competitive Compensation Plan
    7. Get State Of The Art Website
    8. Professional Training And Coaching
    9.  Bonuses And Incentive Pay 
    10. Car Bonus
    11. Low Start Up Cost
    12. Less Than $20 A Month To Maintain Business
    13. Ability To Win Free Luxury Vacations
    14. Tax Benefits For Having Home Based Business

Start Home Based Business With World Ventures

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Having A Network Marketing Mindset

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

How To Make Multiple Streams Of Income From Home

In my opinion, you need to get as much training as possible if you want to be a top earner in Network Marketing. You need to make yourself accessible to any training you can find in Network Marketing especially with your company. Also, you should get all the marketing and attraction marketing training you can get. This includes free training and training that cost money. It’s worth it.

I spend a lot of money on MLM training and learning new ways of attraction marketing as well as training on my products and building my downline. The training that you get from various courses and company training will make you money in the future. You will be able to use that training to get more leads, conversions, traffic and commissions in your business. It will make you a better leader for your team.

I always suggest people look with the end results in mind. Look at who you want to be in your industry. If you want to become a leader and top earner in the Network Marketing Industry, you must invest in your future. You will have to spend money on training, courses and MLM events. You can also make money off the training and courses that you purchase. Leaders in MLM buy training, products, and education and then they repackage it and teach others that same training to the team or to others. If that is what they do, why not do the same?

I don’t know to many people that have become a leader and top earner in the Network Marketing Industry without investing money and time in training, courses and network marketing events. Do you have to invest in these things, absolutely not. However, you don’t have to be a leader or top earner either.


Why You Should Get Involve In Network Marketing

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

I think the Network Marketing Industry offer the best profitable opportunity to start a home based business. The start up cost is low, you don’t have to stock products and many times you get free training. People that refuse to build a Network Marketing business is missing out on a lot. I have been able to sell a lot of products, meet a lot of people and help a lot of people with my MLM business.  Network Marketing can be very profitable and bring you financial freedom. Learn More


Can You Really Make Money With Network Marketing

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

How To Make Multiple Streams Of Income From Home

After working for years in corporate America, I came to the conclusion that it was time to make a financial change and start building my own dreams. Therefore, I had to look for other ways to make money as well as make a passive income. I wanted to be able to earn residual income. I take advantage of the Residual Income Opportunities in the Network Marketing Industry. I truly believe the best way to make money is by ascertaining residual income. I like being able to make money while I sleep.

The best way I found to make passive income or residual income was to start a Network Marketing Business and a MLM Blog. With a MLM business you can put massive action and effort into for a relatively brief period of time and actually achieve a true passive residual income. I have personally seen people get paid thousands and thousands of dollars per month in mlm companies that they stopped working over 20 years ago. With Network Market you get delayed gratification, it’s not like a job. You put the work in upfront a benefit from it for years to come. It’s not too many professions you can go into and stop working for a while and still get paid or the business pay you while you sleep.

Some folks misinterpret Network Marketing as something where you can get rich quick that is simply not the case. I don’t like to see people hype the industry. It gives people unrealistic expectation. However, you can create massive lifetime wealth by getting into the right opportunity, working it hard and building smart. Of all the options I have researched, passive residual income in Network Marketing is the best option in my opinion. It is an awesome profession. If you want to embrace residual income opportunities, work from home, be your own boss and spend more time with your family, you should strongly consider building a home based business with a Network Marketing Company.


Why I Decide To Build A Network Marketing Business

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

This is the perfect business for those that want to be able to make money while they sleep, earn residual income and gain financial freedom.

I love when people ask me what I do for a living. I tell them I have a Network Marketing business. Then I share with them why I join Network Marketing. I think it’s awesome to be able to tell people I work from home. I tell them I make money from home and teach other people how to do the same thing. Most people want to know what I do. Statistics show most people are unhappy with their jobs. I absolutely love MLM,  online marketing and home based business. I have a passion for Network Marketing. There where several reasons why I chose this profession.

Why  I Join Network Marketing And Started A Home Based Business

No Traffic: I don’t have to worry about getting out in all that traffic trying to go to work and make a living. I set my on schedule and do a lot of my work from the house.MLM Income:  It’s awesome to be able to make a passive and residual income from home. Also, I enjoy not having a lot of over head when it comes to running my home based business. Whether you like network marketing or not, be smart and understand residual income, it is the lowest risk and lowest overhead way to start generating residual income.

Trading dollars for hours with no possibility of ever earning income off past work is not the smartest option when so many options are available to you. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make in Network Marketing. There is no ceiling. Monetary Reward: Another thing about having a home based network marketing business is  that you get properly paid for your performance. You don’t have to worry about doing 3 job descriptions and getting paid for one. You don’t have to worry about getting a work load that does not reflect the proper pay.

When you work for someone else, you will probably never make more money that the management staff. However, you have the ability to make more money than anyone on your team in Network Marketing if you put the time in.Tax Benefits:  Whether you are interested in working from home or not, you are insane if you don’t own your own business as you save so much money each month in taxes. Most  employees do not have any type of work from home business. Therefore, they don’t get tax write offs.

How To Create A Successful Home Based Business When You Join Network Marketing

To create a successful Network Marketing Home Based Business, you need to find someone that’s successful and emulate them.  You need to study them or let them coach and train you.  You locate someone who has the lifestyle and level of success you desire and then, just get closer with them, join their team and learn from them. In most industries people will not tell you exactly what they did to become successful as they come from a competitive mindset. In Network Marketing, it’s not like that. Your team members or upline wants you to be successful.  The more successful you are the more successful they will be.

These are just some of the reasons I started a Network Marketing Home Based Business.  If you want to be your own boss, set your own hours and make money from home. you should consider stating a MLM home based business. The start up cost is low.  There is low overhead and free training.


Why Prospect Is Important In Network Marketing

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

One of the biggest challenges I had when I started network marketing was prospecting. I didn’t know anything about recruiting. Also, I was not use to approaching strangers and asking them to look at a business opportunity. It is a art to prospecting. If you want to be successful in Network Marketing, you have to learn how to qualify as well as prospect online and offline. You have to learn how to prospect Face to Face and on the Phone.

Prospecting Mindset

First of all, don’t let fear get the better of you. Remember, fear is simply and acronym of False Expectations Appearing Real! If this is your first or even second time in a network marketing business, being anxious about making calls or speaking to people face to face is natural. But usually, if you’ve decided on the right company and you have all the right knowledge and training to hand, you’re already in possession of the correct answers. If you’ve got a great support network in your upline (which you should definitely have), then these people will teach you how to prospect efficiently and successfully. It will take time, but just follow and practice what you’ve been taught and this fear will diminish and it will become second nature.

Create Database

You have to have individuals to prospect about your business opportunity. So you can start off by prospecting or showing your business opportunity to Family, Friends, Co-Workers and Members in organizations you are a part of. Also, you want to keep a database on every one you prospect. This is to measure your efforts. Also, you may need to contact them later. So, the first thing to do is keep a database of your prospects.

When you start prospecting, you don’t want to prospect anyone. The great thing about network marketing is you can choose who you want to work with. You can choose who you want on your team. You want people that are self starters, motivated, entrepreneurs and those that have already been exposed to network marketing. There are some people you don’t want to prospect or on you team.

People You Don’t Want To Prospect

Deadbeats and those suffering from the “broke mentality”. They will ask if your business has a start-up cost, if they can send you a money order to get started, or why they have to pay to get a “job”. Some of them will even ask if you will help with their initial investment.

Negative people, those with negative spouses or partners, and excuse-makers. They blame others for their circumstances and have an excuse for everything. Sometimes they will tell you their spouse or partner is holding them back from joining the business. They spend their time trying to figure out why your business won’t work.

MLM junkies. They jump from one business to another. It’s always the previous company that held them back rather than their own performance. Typically, they have been in several businesses in the last 12 months.

Know-it-alls and other time-wasters. These prospects love to tell you about how much they know. They rarely turn out to be successful as they are not trainable. They are the kind that is always looking to reinvent the wheel rather than follow your team’s system.

Using The Power Of The Internet To Prospect Winners

As I stated earlier, you want to prospect winners into your downline or on your team. The best way to find winner and a leaders is to use the internet. The internet will give you the ability to target certain individual that will be good for your business and team. Also, you need a blog and and lead capture page. If you want to be a top producer in your network marketing business, you must embrace and use “Technology. Using the internet to prospect to your target market, will help you in prospecting more efficiently and effectively, with far greater results than you would otherwise have. You will undoubtedly make more sales, add people to your downline and eventually grow your MLM network marketing business to levels you never imagined.

You will have the potential to skyrocket your earnings because you will be prospecting other network marketers, who are already in this type of business, working and duplicating your efforts and activities, which are essential in having a successful MLM network marketing business. Having an online presence as a leader of your organization gives you the advantage over other network marketers that do not use technology and the internet to grow their business. You will be the expert, when it comes to prospecting to your target market online.


How To Build Your Network Marketing Business Without Family And Friends

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

When you first join Network Marketing your upline tells you to go out there, meet people and build new networks and communities. Meet new people, get referrals and new leads. Go to a local networking event, talk to people, exchange contacts, and build connections. Participate in the industry trade shows, talk to people and exchange contact information just the same.

However, I didn’t have success building my MLM Business that way. I didn’t start seeing success until I took my business online. When I start using blogging and social medial to build my my business, things start changing for my. I started seeing success. If you would like to build your business online, Get More Details


Make Money Online With Network Marketing

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

How To Make Multiple Streams Of Income From Home

What is the best online MLM business Opportunity. I thing Network Marketing is the best online MLM business opportunity. Why Network Marketing? I absolute love being a independent business owner in Network Marketing. There are a lot of advantages to starting a home based business in Network Work Marketing. If you are thinking about starting a home based business, it is a awesome business model for you. I came into this industry because I got tired of trading hours for dollars. I wanted to be able to make money off of other people efforts. This is why Network Marketing is so awesome.

Benefits Of Taking Advantage Of A Online MLM Business Opportunity

Residual And Passive Income: This is the benefit of love the most. I love being able to make money while I sleep. I love to be able to take some time off work and still get a check in the mail. There are not to many industries that offer this type of opportunity. I came in this industry because I want to be able to make money off of other people efforts.

Low Over Head And Start Up Cost: One of the best benefits that come from network marketing is that it does not cost a lot to start your own business. I started my business for under $100. You can do this with most companies. Where else can you go and start a business for that amount. Not only that you get a business website and lead capture page with most Network Marketing Companies. You also get free training and awesome leader. Furthermore, you don’t have to stock products. They will dropship them for you.

Discounts On MLM Products: Once you start a business with a MLM companies most of the time you get a discount on their products. I know I get my products from my company for 50% Off. It’s different for various companies. This is good because most people use the products offer by their MLM company. Also, it allows you to make money if you sell the product because you are getting it for half price.

Work From Home. I love to work from home. I get a chance to make money and spend more time with my family. I set my own schedule and hours to work my business. I can work it full time or part time. It’s awesome to be able to make money from a computer or lab top.

Tax Benefits: The tax laws in America are written to benefit entrepreneurs or those people in corporate America. When you start a MLM business, you can get some great tax incentives, just like a traditional business owner. As always, you should consult with a licensed CPA before you start your business or file your taxes.


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Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
World Ventures Travel Representative (Atlanta)
Sponsor# 298999462


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7 Tips For Building A Network Marketing Business

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

The Network Marketing Industry does a excellent job with helping people build home based businesses and creating financial freedom. However, to be successful in this industry you must be mentally prepared. You have to get the proper training. I came across 7 ways to help you build a successful Network Marketing Business. See Article


15 Ways To Get Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

One of the most challenging parts of having a network marketing business is get leads. If you can’t get leads, you can build a team, get customers or make money. Therefore, I am always researching and looking for different ways to get MLM leads. While researching, I came across a article discussing 15 ways to get leads for your MLM business. To learn more about the 15 companies below Read This Entire Article

15 Companies To That Offers MLM Leads

1) Cutting Edge Media


2) Leads2yoursuccess.com


3) Networkleads.com


4) ProStep MLM leads


5) LeadsLab MLM leads


6) Leaders Club MLM leads

Leaders Club

7)Traffic Oasis (Need a referral source for this one)


8) Fast MLM Leads


9) Pro MLM Leads


10) NPros (Company specific mlm leads)


11) Jungle Leads


12) Optimized Leads


13) Laser Leads


14) Leads Lists


15) MLM leads.com


What Is Network Marketing

Frankie Muhammad

Frankie Muhammad
Network Marketing Professional

I absolutely love the Network Marketing Industry. IT has given me the ability to build a successful Home Based Business and make money online. So what is Network Marketing? Network Marketing is a very old business model that promotes the distribution of goods and services, through a network of distributors. Each Network Marketing Company distributor earns a very profitable income from selling products and telling others about the income opportunity.

A lot of people don’t know the different between a Network Marketing Company and a Pyramid Scheme. Network Marketing  is very different from these schemes, as it offers a s legitimate way to earn an income, through a consistent and sustained effort of promoting valid products and services. However, a get rich quick schemes normally works by capitalizing on the greed of people and benefiting those only at the top of the pyramid structure. In Network Marketing you can be successful even when you start from the bottom. Success is based on hard work, training and dedication.

Tip To Be Successful in MLMs What You Will Need

o Use the products that you promoteo Mentor your team

o Advertise

o Be willing to put in at least 2 hours per day to do all the above mentioned things

o Tell people what you do

o Make phone calls

o Participate in conference calls

o Keep updated with regards to what is going on in your network marketing company

Benefits Of  Network Marketing

  1. Low Start Up Cost
  2. Don’t Have To Stock Products
  3. Great Leadership And Training
  4. Work With A Team
  5. Can Work From Home
  6. Many Ways To Earn Money
  7. Awesome Products
  8. Spend More Time With Your Family
  9. Tax Benefits
  10. Set Your Own Hours (Your The Boss)

Video: Best Side Hustles For 2020

Side Hustles Make Money

1. Be A Influencer

Got a sizable Instagram or Facebook following? You might be eligible to start making some money off of it. Apps like Heartbeat for Ambassadors allow those who’ve amassed a following to connect with brands that pay them to post pictures with and about their products. Users should expect pay per post to be anywhere from $5 to $40, according to SideHusle, with a lot riding on exactly how many followers you have.

2. Make deliveries

If you have a car and open time slots at various points during the day, or even at night, delivering anything from food to pets to furniture might be a worthwhile side hustle. Companies like Roadie help connect drivers with delivery gigs in their area, and “drivers can earn up to $15 per trip on local gigs and up to $650 on long haul deliveries,” according to its site.

Drivers for food delivery sites like GrubHub make an average rate of $19 per hour, according to Indeed. And Taskers on Task Rabbit charge as much as $80 per hour for deliveries. You can do Ubereats or Door Dash

3. Tutor English Online

Sites like VIPKid and GoGoKid pair English-speaking teachers with Chinese students for 25-minute classes online. Teachers pick time slots at their convenience, and both companies provide the lesson plans.

GoGoKid teachers earn $14 to $25 per hour, while VIPKid teachers earn an average of $22 per hour, according to their websites.

4. Freelance Writing

There are many ways to dive into writing these days. Lucrative options include grant writing and copywriting for advertising or branding companies, usually without a byline. Another is ghostwriting, or working with someone who has a story to tell but doesn’t have the skill or time to put together a manuscript on their own. You may not get to take the credit but you can get paid handsomely.

Consider creating a profile on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, where experienced writers charge as much as $150 per 500-word blog post, or Upwork, where experienced writers charge as much as $150 per hour.

5. Translate

Fluent in another language? Companies worldwide could use your multilingual services to translate anything from medical leaflets to website content to legal documents.

The average translator in New York earns $21 per hour, according to Indeed, and you can pick up projects during your spare time. Sign up to translate documents on sites like Translate or Bunny Studio, or find translator jobs on Indeed or on other job boards.

6. Take surveys online or by phone

When a company brings a new product to market, it often wants to find out what potential customers think. Market research companies solicit the help of people to take surveys online or answer questions by phone about their clients’ products. And they pay. Market research company Shifrin Hayworth says its studies take 30 minutes to three hours, and pays $50 to $250 for each one.

Sign up to get paid to take surveys on sites like Shifrin Hayworth, Focus Group, or Find Focus Groups.

Video: Mind Capital MLM Company Review Crypto

With that said, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is the owner of Mind Capital.

The company is based in Madrid with offices but no address was listed at the time of writing this review.

The owner claims to be a gambling expert by beating the roulette table.

There is no information about Gonzalo having any experience in the MLM industry nor has any experience promoting any MLM companies when doing several searches online.

Cost To Join Mind Capital

The minimum cost to join to start earning from the ROI that the company promises is $100.

You can use a CC to pay your membership, but it is all converted into BTC/Bitcoin and your commissions will be paid to you in BTC as well.

Recruiting Commissions (Unilevel)

The MLM commissions that you can earn with the company are tracked and paid using the unilevel compensation plan structure.

For those that are not familiar with this comp plan, here is a quick breakdown:

  • The first level will only hold your personally recruited members on it.
  • The second level of your unilevel comp plan will only hold your team members that your level 1 personally recruited members.
  • The third level of your unilevel compensation plan will only hold team members that your level personally recruited on it.
  • and so on…

Hopefully, this makes it more clear on how the unilevel works for those that were not that familiar with it.

With that said, the company has a total of 10 levels that you can get paid on with your unilevel comp plan if you decide to join.

Every level has a different percentage amount that you can earn from the investments that your downline makes into the company.

Here is a quick breakdown of what each level will pay you:

  • Level 1 – On this level, you can earn 8% of all of your level 1 or personally recruited member’s investments.
  • Level 2 – On this level, you can earn 4% of all of your level 2 member’s investments.
  • Level 3 and 4 – In order to qualify to get paid on these levels, you must generate at least $5,000 with your downline investments. Once you qualify, you can earn 3% of your member’s investments on these levels.
  • Level 5 and 6 – In order to qualify to get paid on these levels, you must generate at least $15,000 with your downline investments. Once you qualify, you can earn 2% of your member’s investments on these levels.
  • Level 7 and 8 – In order to qualify to get paid on these levels, you must generate at least $50,000 with your downline investments. Once you qualify, you can earn 2% of your member’s investments on these levels.
  • Level 9 and 10 – In order to qualify to get paid on these levels, you must generate at least $100,000 with your downline investments. Once you qualify, you can earn 2% of your member’s investments on these levels.

Getting Started And ROI Commissions

In order to make the most amount of money with Mind Capital, you must make an investment.

When you make an investment, you will be able to start earning a promised ROI that the company offers.

You will have to invest a minimum of $100 up to $100,000 to start earning from the promised ROI.

Affiliate Marketing VS Network Marketing

 Affiliate market is when you sell a product for someone else, you get paid a commission. The commission varies depending on the company, but 20-50% is common in the information product business. For physical products, 10-50% is typical.

All you need to do is refer the business and you’re responsibility is done. The owner of the product takes care of the fulfillment and customer service. All you need to worry about is making sales to get paid.

Network marketing is a little different. In network marketing, you make money not only on the sales you make directly, but you also profit when the people underneath you sell something and you profit when the people under them sell something as well. (The number of levels down varies by company but they all usually go at least three levels deep.) The idea of making money on other peoples’ work appeals to a lot of people, which helps explain why network marketing is such a popular business.

The percentage you make on your own sales in network marketing is substantially lower than the percentage you typically make from affiliate sales.

If you want to make a lot of money with network marketing, you need to do more than just make your own sales. You also need to motivate the people underneath you to make sales and teach them to help their own people make sales. Your role in network marketing isn’t just that of a salesperson. You also need to take on the role of a teacher.

In affiliate marketing, the role of a teacher isn’t necessary. If you don’t want to worry about having to motivate other people to take action, then affiliate marketing is probably a better choice.

How To Build Your MLM Business Offline

Whether you are a business owner running most of your business offline or online it is important to brand your business offline to ensure that you reach the broadest possible market. One of the best ways to build your MLM business is offline. Here are some simple ways to build your MLM Business Offline.

Car Decals
Another way you can brand your business offline is using car decals. Think about how many people see your car everyday and if you have your business name and perhaps a short slogan or website address printed on the decal then think about how this is going to impact your branding. Ensure that not only your business name but also some contact details or a website address are printed on the car decal as well.

Offline business branding is important for any business, whether it is online or offline, and can include items such as business cards, business stationery, fliers, brochures and car decals.

Business Card for Offline Business Branding
The first tool you need to consider using for offline business branding is your business card. Your business card should include all the details of your company including your website address, email, physical address and telephone numbers as well as having a slogan describing your business, your business logo and other design elements that create the impression you want to create and tell people what your business is about.

Business Stationery
Although most business communication today is being done by email and over the computer, you may still want to consider using branded business stationery for your offline business branding. These include letterheads, fax cover sheets, envelopes and any other stationery you use.

Fliers and Brochures
Fliers and brochures are another way to brand your business offline and get your message out. Tell people more about what you have to offer, why they need it and how they can go about purchasing from you and then distribute these. You should also use colourful graphics to capture people’s attention.