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How To Make Multiple Streams Of Income From Home

Start Home Based Business With Organo Gold

What is the best online MLM business Opportunity. I thing Network Marketing is the best online MLM business opportunity. Why Network Marketing? I absolute love being a independent business owner in Network Marketing. There are a lot of advantages to starting a home based business in Network Work Marketing. If you are thinking about starting a home based business, it is a awesome business model for you. I came into this industry because I got tired of trading hours for dollars. I wanted to be able to make money off of other people efforts. This is why Network Marketing is so awesome.

Benefits Of Taking Advantage Of A Online MLM Business Opportunity

Residual And Passive Income: This is the benefit of love the most. I love being able to make money while I sleep. I love to be able to take some time off work and still get a check in the mail. There are not to many industries that offer this type of opportunity. I came in this industry because I want to be able to make money off of other people efforts.

Low Over Head And Start Up Cost: One of the best benefits that come from network marketing is that it does not cost a lot to start your own business. I started my business for under $100. You can do this with most companies. Where else can you go and start a business for that amount. Not only that you get a business website and lead capture page with most Network Marketing Companies. You also get free training and awesome leader. Furthermore, you don’t have to stock products. They will dropship them for you.

Discounts On MLM Products: Once you start a business with a MLM companies most of the time you get a discount on their products. I know I get my products from my company for 50% Off. It’s different for various companies. This is good because most people use the products offer by their MLM company. Also, it allows you to make money if you sell the product because you are getting it for half price.

Work From Home. I love to work from home. I get a chance to make money and spend more time with my family. I set my own schedule and hours to work my business. I can work it full time or part time. It’s awesome to be able to make money from a computer or lab top.

Tax Benefits: The tax laws in America are written to benefit entrepreneurs or those people in corporate America. When you start a MLM business, you can get some great tax incentives, just like a traditional business owner. As always, you should consult with a licensed CPA before you start your business or file your taxes.

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How To Get MLM Leads Offline

MLM marketing is very important when it comes to building your Network Marketing Business. There is always a big debate in the MLM industry about online marketing and offline marketing. There is so many different opinions about which one work the best. A lot of people back in the days built their MLM business with nothing but Offline Marketing. The did cold calling, prospecting at malls and stores and they had mlm parties. Today a lot of people are building their MLM business and downline on the internet. I personally use online and offline to promote my business and build my brand. I get most of my leads from online marketing. However, I do market my business offline to direct potential prospects to my blog, business website and capture pages.

However, let me be clear. MLM Marketing offline is still very effective. Over 50% of the people who make the big money in MLM have done it using offline strategies. These strategies include making a list of your family, friends, 3 feet of you rule, and cold calling leads. By following a simple system and sharing with enough people you can create success over time as long as you stay consistent with these strategies. Depending on who you know and who you are willing to talk to you can create a significant income this way. In fact, your warm market list can be your most powerful tool for creating initial success and getting into profit when you do it properly and when you are with the right company.

Methods For MLM Marketing Offline

These are some very effective ways to market business offline: Drop Cards, Business Cards, Flyers, Stick Notes, T Shirts, Buttons, Newspapers, Magazines, Direct Mail Marketing, MLM Parties, Cold Calling, Pass Out CD, Bandit Signs, Flea Markets, Conventions, Trade Shows, Billboards, Vehicle Signs, Phamphlets, Mobile Billboards, Network Events, Calenders

I build my business by leveraging the power of the internet. I find that a lot of people don’t have success with offline marketing. However, they have better success with promoting their business opportunity online. Although many people have created success with the traditional strategies we have to face the reality that a large number of people do NOT have any success with these strategies. Many people don’t have a large circle of influence to call on and many others have a flat out resistance to talking to people in their life about joining a business. Myself and others are creating massive success by leveraging the power of the internet. I absolutely love Network Marketing especially since I can use the internet to attract leads, build my downline and business.

Methods Use To MLM Marketing Online

Word Press or Blogger Blog
Company Website
Lead Capture Page
Auto Repsonder
Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adwords, Bing And Yahoo)
Pay Per Click Facebook And Twitter
Social Media Advertising: Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Bookmarking

Don’t get me wrong here and think you will get results without doing anything! Whether you are building offline or online you will have to take consistent steady action to have long term results with. You have to be willing to take massive action if you want massive success. If your mindset is not in the right place you will need to focus on that first and foremost because without the right mindset you will not attract success in your life. If you are negative and full of excuses I would encourage you to work on YOU before blaming any online or offline marketing strategy as the problem.

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How To Recognize A Pyramid Scheme

What Is A Pyramid Scheme


You don’t want to join a Network Marketing Company set up lie a Pyramid Structure. Pyramid structure is said to exist when you get paid to get a new recruit and there is no involvement of any product. If a Network Marketing Company only recruit and has no products, this company is considered to be a pyramid scheme.

It’s an ill-practice which makes a person earn money by taking advantage of his friends and family. Companies having a pyramid structure model tend to deceive people while making them believe that they’ll earn in future (which they do by deceiving more people). For e.g. a person will be asked to pay $200 to be a part of the company with a promise that he’ll get 25% of every new recruit’s admission fees who he refers. This is a money making strategy of the company where the participants are at a loss. You don’t want to join a MLM company set up like this. You want to join a company that sell a legitimate product.  The company should be able to make money just based on having products in demand and not recruiting new membership.

The Secret To Recruiting More Distributors Network Marketing MLM Blog

How To Make Multiple Streams Of Income From Home

The secret to becoming a top earner in Network Marketing is establish a MLM Blog. When I join Network Marketing, my sponsor told me to create a list of everyone that I knew. I was told to look in my phone and call everyone I know including family and friends. Then I was told to prospect them or tell them about my business opportunity. Also, I was told to go to the Malls and Super Markets to prospect strangers. I was also advised to have MLM parties at home and invite strangers into my home.

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I recruited a few people with this business model. However, I was not successful. It didn’t take me long to realize this was not the way I wanted to grow or business or prospect for new clients. I didn’t like being a pest to my family and friends. Also, I didn’t like walking up to stranger talking about my business. I was trying into introduce my business opportunity to people I had no rapport with. Also, they were not even interest.

How, I do teach this methods to my downline because they are easy to duplicate. Prospecting family, friends, and strangers offline does not really require a high level of skill set nor does having a home party. I still teach my downline to pass out flyers, drop cards and business cards. Also, I still encourage them to have MLM parties because these things get quick results for some people, and everyone can do them.

However, I was seeking a better way to grow my MLM business. After careful research, I ran across a marketing concept called attraction marketing. This is what I started using to grow and brand my business along with getting new prospects. I love it.

Once I started blogging and using attraction marketing, my business started growing enormously. People actually started pursing me instead of me trying to hunt down strangers.

Why You Need A MLM Blog

Establishing a MLM blog is the first step to becoming a top earner. When you start a MLM blog, it will allow you to build a community online. If will set you aside from the average Network Marketer.. The blog will allow you to establish authority online in the MLM industry. You will become a leader in your industry. You can build a community. Also, you can reach people globally.

You will generate more leads to reach which will lead to more sales and a larger downline. Also, you can establish a target market. A MLM Blog will help you build a brand and credibility in the MLM industry. Also, you can monetize your blog. You can sell other things on your blog. You don’t have to just sell your MLM products. 97 percent of people that come to your blog will not being interested in your MLM products. Therefore, you need something you your blog to sell the other people that come to the blog. This is how you make money with a blog. If you want to become a leader and top earner in Network Marketing, you need to establish a blog as well as a lead capture page.

How To Set Up A Blog

Know what you want to start a blog about
Decide what your blog will focus on
Think about who will be your target market
Choose a domain name
Contact who you want to host your blog. Popular companies Go Daddy, Bluehost and Hostgator
Get A Word Press Blog
Complete Registation
Log into your new account and finish installing your blog
When you set up your new blog. choose a theme. Set up a profile and about me page. Upload a picture of yourself. Check for popular plugins. Install a broken link checker plugin, install a social media plugin, install a Google Sit Map Plugin. Also, establish a capture page to blog. Then just start blogging 3 to 5 times a week about topic, problems and products in the industry you have chosen to do business in. Do these things and you will be on your way to becoming a top earner in Network Marketing.

This blog is monetized with Business Opportunities,MLM Products,Bluehost.

Top Social Media Sites To Build Your Business

One of the best ways to get traffic to your business and get more sales is to leverage the power of social media. There are 6 social media sites that can take your business to the next level if you know how to use them. Social media has become a global phenomenon. . In fact, there are approximately 2.62 billion social media users online. This number is expected to rise to over 3 billion people by 2021. Read Entire Article

Why You Should Join A MLM Travel Company

Joining a travel company in Network Marketing can be very beneficial. The travel industry is one of the largest in the entire world, having 7 trillion dollars net worth. This is enough reason to believe that people are always ready to travel and will not let anything stop them from taking trips, especially if they have the money and time for it. When you join a travel MLM company you can get some of the best deals. Also, you can travel at a discount price. Also, you can make money when you join a travel network marketing company.

Considering that there are people who want to earn money from home, it is no longer a surprise that they want to receive more information about an MLM travel business. If you are interested in joining such a business venture, you will be pleased to know that there are actually many people who have already made money in the home based group travel industry. With a love for traveling, you can also do the same.

How To Get Business For You MLM Travel Business

One way you can gain a lot of following on your MLM travel business is to stimulate people’s imaginations regarding traveling. You can concentrate on good marketing techniques to help you produce inspiring ad copy. Once you have created such material, your next task is to circulate it to other people. This will give them the information they need on the location they are interested in visiting,and it will help reenforce why they should take these trips as soon as possible. You can also produce videos of your own adventures. Even if you don’t have an expensive video camera to help you document your travels, you can still invite people to join you on your trips. Always keep in mind that people who travel want to connect with real people too. This is something an expensive camera may not be able to capture.

Why You Should Still Use Google Plus For Your Business

Use Google Plus For Business

In the wake of even more algorithm changes on Facebook Pages it seems as though these are nothing more than static websites that have no organic growth. A lot of people are moving to Google Plus to help build and brand their business. The good news is that businesses can still build niche communities on Google Plus, which has the potential to bring even more exposure for your business and brand. It you share your blog post on Google Plus, they can get more exposure. Learn More


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Herbalife has some Independent Business Owners calling the company a scam. They are suing the company.  The potential class-action case could involve more than 100,000 plaintiffs and might mean as much as $1 billion in damages. They stated the company was engaged in misrepresentation and they lost a lot of money. Read Entire Store

Make Money On The Internet

In 2016, the company settled a Federal Trade Commission case for $200 million. It centered on Herbalife’s business model being based on recruitment of distributors rather than actual sales of its products, such as protein shakes, vitamins and skin care items. One year earlier, another lawsuit by Herbalife distributors ended in a $17.5 million settlement.