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Frankie Muhammad
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Hello, my Name is Frankie. I live in Memphis, TN. I am a distributor for TAVA LifeStyle. If you came to my blog because you want to become a Distributor for TAVA Lifestyle, you came the right place. I have helped numerous people become distributors, start home based businesses, detox, burn fat and lose weight with TAVA products.

Becoming a Distributor for Tava LifeStyle will allow you to start a home based business for under $150.00. Once you join, you will get access to amazing products for a wholesale price. Also, you will get a State of the Art Website. Also, you will make a retail commission when someone order from your website. You don’t even have to stock products, handle returns or mail the products. TAVA Lifestyle will ship the products to the customers for your. Furthermore, we get paid 5 Different Ways at TAVA Lifestyle. Sign Up for TAVA LifeStyle