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95 to 97 percent of individuals that come into Network Marketing Fail. They don’t get a chance to really build a successful home based business. They don’t get a chance to make residual income. In essence, they don’t ascertain Financial Freedom. There are several reasons for this.

First, a lot of the times their Upline is not properly trained. They join the business because of the hype, and they have unrealistic expectations. Neither the new recruit nor sponsor has real marketing or business skill. When it comes to building a MLM business, the only thing a lot of sponsors or upline know is to tell new business owners in MLM to build a list, contact family and friends. Also, they tell them to have MLM parties. I’m not saying that these things don’t work. They can get you some quick result. However, you can’t build a business that way. Trust me they know that. No one builds a business walking around the mall or supermarket walking up to strangers introducing a business opportunity. People have to like, trust and respect you to buy from you. Strangers don’t know you. You have not had the opportunity to develop a rapport. Therefore, this does not work. No one builds a business just by talking to family and friends.

It takes time to build a MLM business. You should give yourself 3 to 5 years to build a business. It’s too much hype in the Network Marketing Industry. People have the wrong expectations when they come into the business. They think they can become successful and get financial freedom overnight. Then when it does not happen, they want to call the industry a scam. The majority of the people that quit the industry don’t take time to get the proper business and marketing training. They don’t work on personal development. They don’t bond with the leadership within their company. They don’t keep in touch with their Upline. They don’t get a mentor. They don’t learn how to properly market their business. Yet, they wonder why they were unsuccessful.

Your Upline Don’t Tell You Most People Fail Because They Can’t Get Leads

Your Upline will not tell you that everyone in the MLM industry has a challenge with getting leads for their business. The one thing that all network marketers struggle with at one point or another is generating leads. MLM parties, talking to family and friends is not a good marketing system. If you want to be successful in any business especially Network Marketing, you have to learn how to market and get leads. It’s just that simple. You need to find 2 or 3 ways to market your business. Once you determine the marketing system you want to use, you should stay with it. You need to be consistent with your marketing strategy. Do it 4 to 5 days a week. Set up a schedule.

Marketing And Prospecting Methods For Network Marketers

Blogging (This is my favorite)
Social Media
Video Marketing (Youtube)
Classified Ads
Business Cards
Drop Card
Newspaper Ads
Direct Mail
Purchase leads (To Expensive)
Pay Per Click ( Can Expensive

My primary marketing methods are $100 bill drop cards, social media such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin And Instagram. However, my favorite and most effective way to market is blogging. I get the majority of my leads by blogging and sharing my content through social media.

I market offline sometimes only with my drop cards. However, I allocate the majority of my time to blogging to get leads, customers and sales to my business. I normally blog 5 days a week. I use my blog to position myself to be a Network Marketing Leader in the MLM Industry. I use my blog to share content to the MLM and Health And Wellness Industry. If you have a MLM business, the best thing you can do is create a MLM Blog.

Secret To Being Successful In MLM

Your Upline want tell you but the secret to being successful in MLM is blogging. It takes a little time to start generating leads through your blog, but it will enhance your ability to be successful in the MLM industry. Once you create your MLM blog and start putting content on the blog along with sharing it through social media, you want have to worry about chasing strangers down, family members and friends to get leads, customers and sales. Once your blog starts getting authority, people will start seeing you as an expert in the industry. They will become attracted to you. They will start coming to you for advice and information. They will start asking you can they join your business opportunity. They will ask you for your products and services. If you don’t have a blog, it will be difficult for you to be successful, get leads, customers and sales. It will be difficult to establish yourself as a leader in the Network Marketing Industry.

Tips For Starting Your MLM Word Press Blog

Once you get your blog choose a theme
You need to upload profile picture
You need to complete your About Page
You need to do research through Google Keyword Planner and choose the keywords that your blog will be certain around and about.
You need to go under “Setting And Choose General” Then you put in the Site Title and Tagline what your blog is about.
Go to “Widgets” and set up your side bar. You can add a calendar to your site bar, contact form, categories for your blog post. Also, you can set how you want reader to see your blog post.
Go to “Plugins” you can broken link checker plugins, social medial button, contact forms and a site map.
Go under “Settings” and set up your Writing, Reading And Discussion setting the way you want them.
Now you need to start blogging once a day at least 4 times a week. Do this for about 2 years and watch your MLM business grow.
Make sure you send every blog post to Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus. Also, you need to set up a Instagram account. You need to complete a profile on Instagram and put a link to your blog

Place To Go Get A Blog


Benefits Of A MLM Blog

Blogs are not expensive. Also, you will own your blog. It’s like having a piece of real estate. However, you don’t own the MLM company that you are a part of. Also, you don’t own the social media sites that you are using to build your business. However, the domain name and content on your blog belongs to you and you own it.
Also, when you join a Network Marketing Company, They will give you the same replicated website that they give all the other independent business owners. Google will never show your site in the search engine because it is against their terms of service to have a replicated site. However, you can use the MLM blog to introduce prospects to your business, products and get leads. Also, you can use the blog to direct people to your company replicated website.


I would not be as successful as I am in my Network Marketing Company if it was not for my MLM blog. I am thankful because I’m with a company that encourages online marketing. A lot of Network Marketing companies prohibit the use of the internet to build your business. My team not only use offline methods to grow their business. We use social media and blogging every day. This is the reason why we are so successful. We are always looking for new people and self-starters to join. Check About Business Presentation

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About Frankie Muhammad Online Entrepreneur


Hello, My name is Frankie Muhammad. I am from Memphis, TN. I work in the education field. Also, I have a Master’s Degree in Education. However, My passion is being an entrepreneur.

I have several online businesses. Also, I am a network marketing marketing professional. Also, Also, I am a professional online marketer and blogger. Furthermore, I’m a Independent Representative for one of the most successful Network Marketing Company in the Health And Wellness Industry. I allocate a lot of my time to helping people start their own home based business, making money online as well as helping people lose weight and get healthy.

My Online Business Websites

Frankie Muhammad Online Entrepreneur

Frankie Muhammad


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Why You Should Start A Business With Amway Network Marketing Company

Amway is a Global Network Marketing Company. I am a member of another Network Marketing Company. However, I have a lot of respect for this Network Marketing Company. This is because I respect the industry. I know that this company has contributed a lot to the Network Marketing Industry. Amway is a Multi Billion Dollar company. They have been around 60 plus years.
Amway is the leader in the Network Marketing Industry. Amway has made over 10 billion dollars in 2014. If you are willing to work hard, be coachable and get the proper training, you can create a successful home based business with Amway.

Amway was founded in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. These entrepreneurs had originally started Ja-Ri Corporation in 1949 importing goods from South America to resell. They attended a Nutrilite seminar and changed Ja-Ri to a Nutrilite distributor company and managed to attract many distributors, but the stability of Nutrilite gave them concerns. So they formed the American Way Amway to protect their distributors by finding more products than just Nutrilite. Along with Nutrilite, they also sold Frisk; an organic cleaner that would later become L.O.C. when Amway purchased the rights.

Amway is a very popular Network Marketing Company for Women. A lot of women has use this company to build a Home Based Business. 71% of the Amway Independent Distributor business owners are women. When women discovered they could own a business and still take care of their family, they jumped at the Amway opportunity. Many of today’s women still want that same benefit of being home with their children, but still owning and managing a business. Amway believe in empowering women. Amway is a Global Network Marketing Company. They have distributors in over a 100 different countries. Amway has paid its Independent Business Owners more in performance driven bonuses than any other direct selling company in all history.

Amway Facts And Costs

The actual cost to register as an Independent Business Owner (IBO), I believe is in the neighborhood of $50. Some of the costs I will display are optional, but often promoted as mandatory. Listed below are monthly costs:100 PV = $300
KATE (voicemail) = $20
Website fees + $20
Standing Order (Tape/cd subcription) $42
Extra tapes/cds (two per week) $56
Book of the Month $10
Functions/Major functions (averaged out) $125
Monthly Open Meeting $8The average active IBO earns less than $1,500 a year.

Here Are Some Popular Amway Brands

1. XS
2. Atmosphere
3. Artistry
4. Bodykey
5. Body Works
6. Personal Accents
7. Perfect Empowered Drinking Water
8. Ribbon
9. Satinique
10. Nutrilite
11. Glister
12. Legacy of Clean ( This is Amway First Product) Also, it’s a top seller.
13. Clear Now
If you are thinking about start a Home Based Business with Amway, I think it is a good idea. You should go for it. Good Luck

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Make Money From Home With Take Shape For Life Network Marketing Company

Take Shape For Life is a Network Marketing. It is a subsidiary of Medifast a company since 1980 with 30 years experience in the diet and weight loss field. TSFL use the products that Medifast have created and have turned it into a multi level marketing biz op. Medifast’s main products are diet meals or meal replacements. There are over 70 varieties to choose from and they are designed to be structured so that throughout the course of one month your calories will be perfectly balanced.

Medifast has been pioneering in producing, manufacturing, and marketing nutritious, portion-controlled meal alternatives to help people achieve the weight loss that they’ve always wanted. Ever since 1980, Medifast has been recommended by thousands of doctors around the world, all of them giving people hope that weight loss is indeed possible. Medifast created this company not only to help people shed pounds, but to give people an opportunity for good business as well.



How To Make Money With Take Shape For Life MLM Company

As a distributor or Take Shape For Life MLM Company, or what’s known as a Health Coach, you can build your income two ways. You can build your income by getting customers and supporting those customers on their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Or, you can get customers and build a team of other Health Coaches. Typically, you’ll earn a 15% retail commission on products you personally sell.

There are also various bonuses you can earn for maintaining your customer base month over month. Of course, while there’s income potential in customer acquisition, the real potential lies in building a team. Not only are there immediate bonuses you can earn for sponsoring new people, but you’ll also earn monthly residual income on the sales volume created by your team. From a basic business perspective, working with a team creates leverage for yourself that you just don’t have when you’re working by yourself. In addition to that, by building a team you can hit higher ranks which would qualify you to earn other bonuses like the Executive Director and Elite Leadership Bonuses.

As a health coach, you earth 15% of the amount purchased by your sponsored clients, and $15 of the amount purchased by your trained health coaches. A health coach is rewarded by acquiring clients, developing health coaches, and being a consistent member of the BeSlim Club and Rewards program. TSFL is known for its unique and successful business plan. You can help people lose weight, and earn while doing that as well!

Take Shape For Life MLM Compensation Plan

1. Direct sales

As a Independent Business Owner for this company, need to qualify for a health coach in order to earn a commission. To become a health coach, you need to pay $199 for the health coach business pack in order to qualify. Once you are qualified and you are able to get the products sold, you will earn a commission rate of 15% from the price of each product.

Get Free, Website And Training, Click Image

Your client support bonuses will also increase as your sales volume increases.

2. Team building

Here you will rely on other people to scale your online business for you. Once you become a business coach and have your team of Health coaches ready, you can start to earn commissions from your team.

In the first category you will find that there are 7 levels:

  1. Health coach
  2. Business coach
  3. Senior coach
  4. Manager
  5. Associate Director
  6. Director
  7. Executive Director

As you grow through these levels, you will be able to earn money from each generation that is under you. Then you get the leadership development plan which has 9 more levels:

Take Shape For Life MLM Company Ranks:

There are 10 rank you can hit in Take Shape For Life, here they are:

  • Health Coach – Sign up as a Take Shape For Life affiliate ($199)
  • Senior Coach – Generate 1000 GV a month and have at least five retail customers and/or recruited affiliates in your downline
  • Manager – Generate 3000 GV a month and have at least five retail customers and/or recruited affiliates in your downline OR have two personally recruited Senior Coach ranked affiliates
  • Assistant Director – 4000 GV a month and have at least five retail customers and/or recruited affiliates in your downline OR have three personally recruited Senior Coach ranked affiliates
  • Director – 5000 GV a month and have at least five retail customers and/or recruited affiliates in your downline OR have four personally recruited Senior Coach ranked affiliates
  • Executive Director – 6000 GV a month and have at least five retail customers and/or recruited affiliates in your downline OR have five personally recruited Senior Coach ranked affiliates
  • Regional Director – Maintain Executive Director qualification and have at least one Executive Director ranked affiliate anywhere in your downline
  • National Director – Maintain Executive Director qualification and have at least three Executive Director ranked affiliate in separate unilevel legs
  • Global Director – Maintain Executive Director qualification and have at least five Executive Director ranked affiliate anywhere in separate unilevel legs
  • Presidential Director – Maintain Executive Director qualification and have at least ten Executive Director ranked affiliate anywhere in separate unilevel legs

Residual Income Commission:

These commissions are paid through their unilevel plan.

Unilevel looks like this…

  • YOU
  • Level 1: Your Personally enrolled member
  • Level 2:  Your Level 1’s personally enrolled member


In total it is about 16 levels that you can achieve which is way to many if you ask me. This makes it very hard to understand all of the levels and it is a lot of information to digest. The compensation plan also contributed to the low score that I gave this company.

The compensation plan needs to be simple enough for you and your health coaches to understand. When you first introduce this plan to another person, they need to be able to understand it fully before they will ever join.


Take Shape For Life MLM Company Products

  1. Shakes
  2. Nutrition bars
  3. Soups
  4. Smoothies
  5. Snacks
  6. Supplements
  7. Melatonin
  8. Books
  9. Accessories etc.

Frankie Muhammad

Network Marketing Professional

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Total Life Changes Review

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor, IBO 6138951
Frankie Muhammad
Total Life Changes Distributor
IBO# 6138951
Contact: 901-870-1135

I am writing this article to do a Total Life Changes Review. One of the best decisions that I made was to build a home based business with Total Life Changes. It has allow me to make more money and spend more time with my family. There are several reasons I think a person should start a home based business with this amazing company.

When you choose to start a home based business, you want sell the best products. This is possible with Total Life Changes. They have the best products in the Health And Wellness Industry. They have a  large supply of healthy products. The products are organic and natural. They have nutritional products, weight loss products, skin care products and coffee products. Total Life Changes products are improving the lives of thousands of people physically and financially.

Next,the financial opportunities available with Total Life Changes are amazing.  They are helping people boost their income as well as gain financial freedom. I feel like this company is boosting the financial ability of the Middle Class. It’s good for those that want to make a extra $200 to $500 dollars a week or those that want to go full time with this business and ascertain financial freedom and fire their boss.

When you do a Total Life Changes Review, you will see they have a very strong compensation plan. You get paid  a 50 percent  commission on retail sales from your website. Also, they have a 50 percent fast start bonus. This is good for new business owners. It helps them generate income faster.  Also, you can make money on the efforts of other people in you organization with the 50 percent check match bonus. Also, the hybrid Residual Income  Binary will allow you to earn 10 to 25 percent residual income. They also have a Life Style Bonus. With this bonus, you can get up to $1500 dollar a month to use as you please.  This is not for those looking for a get rich quick scheme. However, if you are willing to work hard and train this can be a excellent business experience.

Next, you want to build a business with a Network Marketing company that is successful, growing as well as one that is going to be around. Total Life Changes ranked number 2 by Business For Home Magazine because of their growth and success. The company has experience worldwide growth. They are in 14 countries. They are about to expand into 10 other countries. The company  is worldwide. Also, it is family owned and operated. I hope you have enjoyed this Total Life Changes Review.

Frankie Muhammad

Total Life Changes Distributor

IBO 6138951


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How You Can Make Money Online With Total Life Changes

Are you happy with the amount of money you are making on your 9 to 5 job. Are you happy with the conditions and work environment. I know, I was not. Most people are not happy going to work everyday for someone else. They just don’t know to get out of the situations. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to start a home based business in the health and wellness industry. This is a multi billion dollar industry.

I started a home based business with Total Life Changes. It has been awesome. It has put me on the path of pursuing financial freedom for me and my family. The start up cost was low and I got a lot of professional and free training to get me off to a good start. They have an excellent support team. Also, the products are awesome. The products are in demand and affordable. Their products keep people healthy and even save lives.

At Total Life Changes, we have some of the hottest nutritional, weight loss, coffee and skin care products in the health and wellness industry.

We have some people that work the business part time. Also, we have some people that have quit their jobs and work the business full time. We even have 6 figure earners with the company.

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How Much Does It Cost To Become A Total Life Changes Distributor

I am a Total Life Changes Distributor in Memphis. Total Life Changes is a company that is expanding in the U. S.. Their mission is to help people get healthy and wealthy. They provide consumers with all natural and organic weight loss products, skin care products, tea and coffee.

Total Life Changes is an awesome company. They have been around for 15 years. They have a magnificent brand. If you have been looking for a way to start your own home based business in  without a lot of start up money, this is the perfect opportunity. It will put you in the position to make money and spend more time with your family. You will be your own boss. You can work your business part-time or full time. There is no quota. You can start your own home based business in the Health And Wellness Industry for only $40.00 a month. There are no hidden fees. The health and wellness industry is a multi billion dollar industry.

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Total Life Changes Distributor

For $40.00 dollars a month, you will get your website and back office, and you will get free training. Also, you will make 50% off any orders from your website. You don’t have to store any products. You don’t have to leave your job to start your own business unless you want to. You can work this business part time. There is no quota to meet. However, we do have independent business owners that have fired their boss and strictly do the Total Life Changes business. We have people making 5 and 6 figure incomes selling this company’s products and building a business.

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“QNet Network Marketing Company Expands Into Tanzania

QNet is s very popular and fast growing Network Marketing Company. QNet, is expanding its operations into East Africa. The company, which forms part of the $200 billion global direct selling industry, aims to offer quality consumer products and elevate standards of living by encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship.

QNet started getting online purchases for its products from Africa since 2007. Today there are thousands of Tanzanian citizens who have also registered to market and promote QNet online products as IRs. Its top-selling products in Tanzania are health and wellness products, household items such as water filtration systems, online education learning and luxury products like watches and jewellery.

“QNet is proud to be in Tanzania and is committed to working closely with the local government officials and authorities to create more entrepreneurial opportunities for the local community. Direct selling which is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers away from a fixed retail location, provides people with a great alternative platform to join entrepreneurship,” said David K Sharma, advisor to QNet Board of Directors. Read The Entire Story  


15 Ways To Get Leads For Your Network Marketing Business

Frankie Muhammad Total Life Changes Distributor, IBO 6138951
Frankie Muhammad
Total Life Changes Distributor
IBO# 6138951
Contact: 901-870-1135

One of the most challenging parts of having a network marketing business is get leads. If you can’t get leads, you can build a team, get customers or make money. Therefore, I am always researching and looking for different ways to get MLM leads. While researching, I came across a article discussing 15 ways to get leads for your MLM business. To learn more about the 15 companies below Read This Entire Article


15 Companies To That Offers MLM Leads


1) Cutting Edge Media



4) ProStep MLM leads

5) LeadsLab MLM leads

6) Leaders Club MLM leads

7)Traffic Oasis (Need a referral source for this one)

8) Fast MLM Leads

9) Pro MLM Leads

10) NPros (Company specific mlm leads)

11) Jungle Leads


12) Optimized Leads

13) Laser Leads

14) Leads Lists

15) MLM

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How To Get More Leads For Your MLM Business

The best way to boost your MLM business and get more leads is prospecting. Prospecting is when you reach out and show someone your business. It can be online or offline. Most people start prospecting by introducing their products and company to family and friends. This is considered to be their warm market. Prospecting your warm market is an excellent way to get off to a fast start when you are starting your MLM business. The problem with prospecting your warm market is that it’s limited. You will run out of family members, friends and co workers to introduce your business to.

This is why prospecting and building your MLM business online is very important. There are millions of people on online that are looking for products like yours and a business opportunity like yours. You just got to find a way to get in front of them. The best way to start prospecting on the internet is to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram. When you open an account with these various social media sites, you need to set up a professional profile and picture.

Also, it’s important to start a self hosted blog so that you can start sharing content online about you, your business and your products. Try to stay away from free hosted blogs. You don’t own them. They can shut you down at anytime and you can lose all your content you worked hard to create.  You want to get a professional blog. WordPress has some of the best self hosted blogs.

Finally, when you start blogging make sure you have a capture page on your blog so that you can get the email address of those interested in your business. This will give you the ability to market your product with them later and develop a relationship with them.

Best Regards,

Frankie Muhammad