What You Need To Know About Pro Travel Plus Network Marketing Company

Pro Travel Plus is a Travel Network Marketing Company. The Owner is Seth Fraser. The company has been around since 2015. The price to get started with this Network Marketing Company is $69.  Also, there is a monthly fee of $34.00

How Much Does It Cost To Join Pro Travel Plus

Pro Travel Plus Product

Pro Travel Plus Compensation Plan

You can expect the following bonuses with the Pro Travel Plus’s compensation plan.
1. Pro Travel Plus Retail bonus – You earn the difference between retail and wholesale price.
2. Pro Travel Plus Team Builder Bonus – Earn commission for building a downline of customers and independent distributors.

Recruiting is not a requirement for this company which is interesting. Actually the entire way that they do their compensation plan is unconventional to say the least. Without signing up a single person you benefit from the people who join the business after you and share in a pool.   This “spillover” that everyone else brings in you get 3% from every single level.

Referral Bonuses

You will be able to receive and additional bonus for recruiting even though recruiting is not a requirement . The P2P compensation plan is built on a 2×14 Fast Filling Matrix.

you can earn up to $2,000 of residual income recruiting.






Start A Home Based Travel Business With Zyn Travel Network Marketing Company


Zyndio is a Network Marketing Travel Company. Zyndio operates a travel portal called “ZynTravel” which apparently provides access to 65,000 resorts and 200,000 hotels worldwide with discounts up to 85%. Depending on how much is spent on the affiliate membership to join, Zyndio members are given ZynTravel credit when they sign up:

Zyndio Network Marketing Company Travel Packages

– Silver Package ($69.98) – $75 Credits

– Gold Package ($219.98) – $300 Credits

– Platinum Package ($469.98) – $750 Credits

Cost To Join Zyndio (ZynTravel)

There are three price points for the Zyndo affiliate membership which is called the ZynTravel Club membership:

Silver – $69.98 plus $12.99 per month

Gold – $219.98 plus $12.99 per month

Platinum – $469.98 plus $12.99 per month

Zyndio Network Marketing Company Compensation Plan

Recruitment Commissions:

ZynTravel members also get paid to recruit new affiliates down two levels (Unilevel).

The amount of commissions earned here depends on what level the member came in with.

Recruiting a Silver member = $10 on Level 1 (Personally recruited) and Level 2 is $2.50.

Recruiting a Gold member = $40 on level 1 and $10 on level 2.

Recruiting a Platinum member = $90 on level 1 and $22.50 on level 2.

Travel Commissions:

If travel is booked through a Zyndio member using the ZynTravel portal, commissions are paid on travel booking to that member.

The amount of commissions you earn will depend which package you signed up with.

– Siliver ($69.98) – You Earn 25% Commissions

– Gold ($219.98) – You earn 50% Commissions

– Platinum ($469.98) – You earn 100% commissions

Residual Commissions on Referring Members:

On the top of the unilevel, there is a 3×2 Matrix where affiliates are placed.

There are total of 12 positions.

Top Position = You

Level 1 = 3 spots

Level 2 = 9 spots

You only get paid on the levels you currently have…

– Silver affiliates receive a silver matrix position

– Gold affiliates receive a silver and gold matrix position

– Platinum affiliates receiver silver, gold and platinum matrix position.

Commissions are paid once a matrix across any tier is filled up:

– Silver – $150

– Gold – $600

– Platinum – $1350

To be qualified in this matrix, you must sponsor 3 people and once you have been paid in this matrix, you start over again.

Cycle Matching Bonus:

Once you go through 50 or more cycles, you can earn 25% match on level 1 (personally sponsored and 10% match on level2.

People with less than 50 cycles get paid less… This info was no where to be found.

Lifestyle Bonus:

You get products based on how many cycles you have gone through…

– 5 Matrix Cycles = Mini iPad

– 10 Matrix Cycles = GoPro Hero Camera

– 25 Matrix Cycles = MacBook Air

– 50 Matrix Cycles = a “Mastermind Session”

– 1000 Matrix Cycles = BMW or Mercedes car plus $10,000



Start A Home Based Travel Business With Surge365

Surge365 Business Opportunity

Make money with Surge365 Home Based Travel Business Opportunity. Surge365 is a Direct Sells Travel Company their primary product is Wholesale Travel Memberships

Benefits Of Starting A Travel Business With Surge365

Surge365 is a fun, simple, “anywhere-based” business that you can do from home, your office, the beach, or even from your smartphone.

  • Unlimited $1,000 and $10,000 bonuses
  • Tools and systems to help you succeed
  • 8.1 trillion dollar industry
  • No experience required
  • Low-cost of entry

Surge365 Compensation Plan

Surge 365 Travel – The Product Line

The cost of Surge 365 Travel membership is $59.95 per month.

This gives you access to five different products and if you want to be an affiliate, you have to continue to pay that fee to qualify in their compensation plan.

Here are the products:

Financial & Legal Assistance:

You can get up to 40% off the regular attorney hourly rates or $125 per hour, whichever is greater.

You can get tax guidance and financial information.

Identity Theft Protection:

If you identity is stolen and you have to take time off from work, this membership will cover your lost wages.

A College Education:

In exchange for the $50 per month, Surge 365 gives you access to an online education through Taiwanese University called Aletheia.

This university degree can be done completely online.

Now I did some investigation and see if this was actually legit…

And I found out it’s actually real.

There are real students there and it’s a physical university.

Shopping Deals:

When you buy products and services in the Surge 365 online store, you get discounts and cashback.

The online store is actually affiliated with Pro Travel network which sells hotels, cruises, flights, vacation packages and more travel stuff.

This is how Surge 365 gets the “Travel” in their name…

Telehealth and Discounts:

Telehealth gives their members the ability to have access to physicals across the United States 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

All of these physicians are US licensed and can recommend treatment.

Now they can only be used for non-emergency medical situations.

If you are suffering from allergies, ear infection, pink eye for example, you can get fast treatment over the phone or video conferencing.

The Surge 365 health care provides prescriptions with huge discounts of 85%.

Contact lenses and glasses discount of 10% to 60%.

Dental visits, diabetic management, electronic healthy record discounts of 15% to 50%.


What Is Travel Venutes International (TVI)


What is Travel Ventures International (TVI). TVI is a leading multinational conglomerate headquartered in London, United Kingdom. TVI Express is a dynamic company that claim to offer the most superior travel and hospitality products & services, as well as providing a unique opportunity to promote TVI Express through Independent Distributorships. This company was founded in 2009. The founder is Tarun Trikha. It is open in 50 countries. If you want to join the fee is two hundred and fifty dollars.

Once you acquire a membership, you become eligible for a whole bunch of lucrative schemes. These include, bookings of hotels, resorts, travel destinations at a discount rate. TVI claims that its discount rates are lower than any other scheme. What more, you can also claim a bonus travel voucher that allows you to book a 6-night stay at any of the hotels or resorts listed in their network. This bonus travel voucher is offered to every recruit at TVI Express. As a member, you are also offered an opportunity to resell the membership and promote TVI Express.


What Is Ambit Energy Network Marketing Company

Ambit Energy is a Network Marketing Company. It  was founded in early 2006 at a Potbelly’s restaurant in Addison, Texas. Today they are located in Dallas, Texas. The founders are , Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless. There goal is to  provide affordable electricity and gas and a home base business opportunity.

In 2006, Ambit Energy’s first fiscal year, it made about $1.6 million. In 2008, Ambit recorded revenues of almost $200 million and nearly $325 million in 2009. This year, the company is shooting for $400 million in revenue and hopes to increase customers from 350,000 to 400,000. Ambit is currently providing affordable energy in Texas, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Ambit Energy Up front Costs and Getting Paid
It costs $400 to become an Ambit Energy Consultant. For this you get a nice starter kit and several websites. Your monthly cost for your back office will be about $20. Like many MLM’s there are fast start bonuses for signing up new distributors. This helps you get your initial investment back. At this writing, you’ll need 4 distributors within 4 weeks to make back your $400. You will also get overrides from the efforts of your distributors. Your residual income comes from commissions paid to you from the energy purchased by customers.

Ambit Energy Compensation Plan

The following information was gleaned from “The Ambit Marketing Compensation Plan”. Ambit has two entry levels, Sales Consultant with an initial refundable fee of $199, and Marketing Consultant with an initial one time fee of $399. The main difference is the Sales Consultant pays for use of the optional Support and Services Program and a Sales Consultant’s up-line will not get credit for customers.

Ambit has the following designations:

Marketing Consultant (MC),Regional Consultant (RC), Senior Consultant (SC), Executive Consultant (EC), and National Consultant (NC).

As with most MLM compensation plans each of the above levels are built upon obtaining certain numbers of customers, recruiting sharp people into the Ambit Energy business, and helping to develop and grow those businesses.

Ambit has four types of income streams:

Fast Start Money – Jump Start Program 1-6

This pays the Consultant up to $400 for gathering at least 30 customers within 12 weeks of signing up. The six programs pay $100,$100,$50,$50,$50, and $50 for obtaining certain numbers of customers within certain time frames.

Team Builder Bonus

$100 for each personally sponsored Consultant that secures 4 customers within 4 weeks of signup.

Residual Income

Ambit’s Residual Income plan is somewhat involved, too much for this quick overview (this is not a bad thing). There are different Residual Income plans for some of the states they operate in. But to give you a glimpse of some of the factors involved, the number of customers a Consultant has will qualify them for eligibility to receive income down to six levels of their organization (20 customers gets you all six levels). Ambit also increases the payout based on the customers energy consumption.

Leadership Income

Ambit Energy has two plans here as well. These payouts begin to kick in at the Regional Consultant (RC) level.

Consultant Leadership Bonus is based on new consultants joining your organization and enrolling 4 customers within 4 weeks. The payouts:

RC – $55 and $55 for each in Unlimited Downline Levels

SC – +$80 and $135 for each in Unlimited Downline Levels

EC – +$40 and $175 for each in Unlimited Downline Levels

NC – +$15 and $190 for each in Unlimited Downline Levels

Customer Residual Bonus is based on qualified customers within your organization. These figures are for New York and Illinois, Texas is higher with a $2.00 payout at the NC level.

RC – +.25 and.25 for each in Unlimited Downline Levels

SC – +.25 and.50 for each in Unlimited Downline Levels

EC – +.25 and.75 for each in Unlimited Downline Levels

NC – +.25 and 1.00 for each in Unlimited Downline Level


Use MyEcon Network Marketing Company To Repair Credit And Get Personal Financial Success

If you need help trying to improve your ability to get personal financial success or credit repair. You should try MyEcon. MyEcon was founded by a small group of entrepreneurs in 9/1/2005. It is a debt free company located in Gwinnett County, a suburb of Atlanta. The company operated in the multi-level marketing industry called Direct Sales.

MyEcon  help families with their Personal Financial Success and Credit by providing tools and training to help them with financial strategies to get them out of debt and become cash flow positive and restore their credit. They have over 50,000 independent marketing associates currently.

List Of MyEcon Products

MyEcon main product is finance, credit repair and tax tools in the form of software and digital products to help you lower your debt and repair credit.

When you join MyEcon in the Financial Success Membership level you receive a few things.

  • The smartphone app.
  • The opportunity to earn commissions.

The app also includes information about other services like:

  • Tax Advice
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Discount Legal Services
  • Financial Training
  • Credit Restoration Services

The company also markets discount travel, all natural nutritional products and includes an online Mall that has many of the popular name brand stores included like Walmart and Macy’s that you can share with others.

  • ID Defender- $7.99 to $14.95 per month identity theft protection
  • Smart Credit Repair System- $99.95 credit repair service
  • 750 Credit Monitoring for $23.95 every 6 months
  • CashFlow Manager- $19.95 per month cash flow management system
  • Roadside Assistance- $7.99 per month
  • Coffee Beans- $16.49 and $19.99 per box
  • Health and Wellness Supplements-  Daily Ultimate for $36.95, Body One MSM capsules for $19.95 and Body One MSM Lotion for $24.95

Benefits of Joining MyEcon

  • $1 million in Identity Theft Protection (but you have to enter your information for it to work)
  • Smart Money Kit – Do It Yourself Credit Repair (a system to help you get your credit score to 750+, but you need to watch and apply the training for it to work)
  • CashFlow Manager Software – keep track of your personal expenses and multiple businesses. If you do not have great records, you cannot maximize your tax benefits.
  • Free and Discounted Legal Services (check out all of the free services)
  • Tax Advice and Preparation
  • A retail website and company that ships items and provides customer service for all products sold.
  • Financial Literacy Training – over forty hours of training and information between your website and the EDM Training website.
  • More training and education – weekly calls and webinars
  • Discount Travel that gives you cash back after your trip
  • Discounted online shopping and cashback.
  • $200-$500 in grocery coupons each month
  • Mentorship from actually millionaires (but you need to reach out and connect)
  • At least 5 cashflow streams
  • Multiple potential income streams
  • Unlimited earning potential from all potential income streams
  • Training on how to market and advance a business online, which includes how to make capture pages, websites, automatic mailers, selling on Ebay and Amazon and more (for your myEcon business or other businesses)
  • Many destination events include investment education/training that usually costs $1500 at a firm.
  • A legitimate home based business to help reduce your taxable income
  • Access to common and uncommon tax deductions
  • Ability to increase your take home pay on your job by correcting your W4 and turning it over to add to your allowances.
  • New marketable skill sets in business management, finance, correcting W4’s and understanding credit
MyEcon Compensation Plan

Cost To Join myEcon

A MyEcon affiliate membership is associated with the purchase of an affiliate package:

  • Sales Associate – $80 one time and then $10 a month (no cashflow manager)
  • Marketing Director – $179.95 one time and then $34.95 a month

The main difference between these two memberships is the income potential through the myEcon compensation plan

MyEcon Affiliate Ranks

The myEcon compensation plan consists of six ranks.

I have included each rank and their qualification criteria, which as are follows:

Sales Associate (no MLM Commissions)

  • $80 one time and then $10 a month thereafter

Marketing Director

  • $179.95 one time and then $34.95 a month thereafter or
  • Upgrade from Sales Associate for a one time fee of $99.95 and then $34.95 a month thereafter or
  • Sign up as a Sales Associate and generate 100 PV a month in sales

Executive Vice President

  • Sign up as a Marketing Director and recruit two Managing Director affiliates or
  • Sign up as a Marketing Director and generate at least 200 PV

Executive Vice President Gold

  • Sponsor 30 fee-paying affiliates in your baseshop down-line  (no more than 12 counted in any one generation leg)

Executive Vice President Platinum

  • Sponsor 200 fee-paying affiliates in your baseshop down-line (no more than 50 counted in any one generation leg)

Executive Vice President Infinity

  • Sponsor 800 fee-paying affiliates in your baseshop down-line (no more than 160 counted in any one generation leg)

What is a baseshop you ask?

It’s a myEcon affiliate’s front-line affiliates.

Each sponsored non-Executive Vice President is placed in a baseshop.

Once that  newly sponsored affiliate brings in two new affiliates (which are placed in the original affiliate’s up-line’s baseshop), he/she will qualify as an Executive Vice President and are removed from his/her up-line’s baseshop.

Commission Qualification Requirements

Executive Vice President affiliates need to have 2 personally sponsored affiliates who are paying monthly fees in order to qualify for commissions.

Recruitment Commission Payout

Marketing Director affiliates are paid $25 for each affiliate they bring into MyEcon.

Any commissions that are generated by an affiliate’s first two sponsored affiliates are passed up to their up-line.

Executive Vice President affiliates earn $50 per affiliate they bring in.

The affiliate who sponsored them earns a $25 override commission and can also earn 50% of recruitment commissions earned by personally recruited affiliates.

After an affiliate has brought in two affiliates, they will then be removed from the “baseshop” of the affiliate who sponsored them.

Once they qualify as an Executive Vice President and are removed from their up-line’s baseshop, any affiliates they sponsor generate a $5 to $30 commission for their up-line:

  • Executive Vice President affiliates earn $5
  • Executive Vice President Gold affiliates earn $15
  • Executive Vice President Platinum affiliates earn $25
  • Executive Vice President Infinity affiliates earn $30

Also, each time a myEcon affiliate’s down-line expands by seven people, they are paid a $1000 bonus, which is subject to affiliate retention rates.

Residual Recruitment Commissions

  • Executive Vice Presidents earn $1 per month per affiliate down four Executive Vice President generations
  • Executive Vice President Golds earn $3 per month per affiliate down five Executive Vice President generations
  • Executive Vice President Platinums earn $5 per month per affiliate down five Executive Vice President generations
  • Executive Vice President Infinitys earn $8 per month per affiliate down an infinite number of Executive Vice President generations

Direct Commissions Payout

Sales Associate and Marketing Director earn 15%

Executive Vice President earn 25% direct, 10% of sales generated by their SA and MD affiliates



Learn How To Start A Home Based Business With YTB Travel MLM Companies

YTB Travel was founded in 2001 by J. Lloyd “Coach” Tomer, Scott Tomer and Kim Sorensen. The company is currently owned by U.S. businessman Sam Hathi of Jamraval, Inc. Other YTB subsidiaries include YTB Travel Network, Inc., Zamzuu, Inc., and REZconnect Technologies, Inc (2004–2009). YTB is based in Wood River, Illinois. International subsidiaries operate in the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Bermuda and Canada.

YTB Travel Network Marketing Company Compensation Plan

Being a part of our Rep Opportunity is amazing! We offer many incredible products with a compensation plan that is spectacularly simple! Plus, it’s extremely flexible for individuals whether they want to focus on a specific product or dive into
more. Let’s face it. Today, you need a real opportunity to take control of your finances. So, go ahead. Pick your passion,and we’ll show you a program flexible enough for part-time, full-time or any-time!
Getting started as an Associate!
Everyone has to start somewhere. And in our marketing business, one does so by enrolling to become an Associate. This gives you the option to sell products and enroll other Associates to do the same.
Two Product Types, endless possibilities:
There are two different types of products—retail products and packages of retail products. Associates earn commission for selling retail products. Packages however are the only ones that generate team compensation, which we’ll talk about later.
First, let’s focus on Retail Commission. Associates earn 40% commission based on a product’s Business Volume.
The Key to our Comp—Business Volume
Every time a product is purchased it generates what we call Business Volume (BV). You can think of this as our currency inYTB. Each product has a predetermined BV, and our sales people earn a percentage of BV for each sale. For example, a
3-pack of Ganovia Coffee has 30 BV. The Associate earns 40%, or $12.
Now, there are two kinds of Business Volume,
Personal and Team. This simply refers to who sold the product and how compensation is paid. (We’ll discuss Team Volume in a later section!)
Personal Volume:
Every time you make a product sale, you’re closer to unlocking additional levels of the compensation plan. Plus, when you elect to build a team, you can earn even more. However, to do that you also have to maintain a certain amount of Personal
Volume, or Personal BV. Personal BV can be earned through Retail Product and Package sales to individuals who are notalso Associates or Reps, and personal purchases count as well.Associates can also sell bulk orders to earn Personal Volume, which helps them achieve a higher level in our compensation plan. (Remember, the higher levels pay more money!) Bulk purchases do not pay retail commission.
Team Compensation:
Earning 40% on retail sales is pretty great. But, that’s only the beginning of our compensation plan. In fact, the first goal of every Associate is to start earning Team Compensation by qualifying for the Rep and Senior Rep positions. And, Team
Compensation is exactly what it sounds like. Reps earn additional compensation on their team’s successful sales efforts. (In other words, Reps earn more money!) And, advancing is easy!

Learn How To Make Money With MWR Life Travel Club Business Presentation

If you are looking to make some extra money and you have a passion for travel. you should look into MWR Life Travel Club. They have a way for you to travel, save money and make money. You can start your MWR Life Business and become a MWR Travel Life Style Consultant. You will the ability to Gain access to the lowest prices for all of your travel needs. Choose from hotels you know and trust and explore luxurious 5 Star resorts that you never dreamed of affording before, thousands of different activities and excursions, flights, rental cars and much more all at your fingertips. Also, make money by enrolling Life Style Consultants.

Make Money With Regenalife Network Marketing Company

RegenaLife  is a Network Marketing Company. It’s focus is Health And Wellness. It  is based out of New Jersey, USA. It was originally founded back in 2008 by Justin Chernalis, however, Regeneration USA changed it’s named to RegenaLife back in June of 2016. The current CEO of the company is Earnie Cadiz that has over 27 years of business experience in Energy, Telecom and Real Estate sectors.

Regenalife Network Marketing Company Compensation Plan
  • Active – generate 50 PV a month or more (MLM commission qualified)
  • Builder – maintain MLM commission qualification and recruit a least three MLM commission qualified affiliates
  • Manager – maintain MLM commission qualification and recruit a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates
  • Bronze – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates and have another ten MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels
  • Silver – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates and have another twenty-five MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels
  • Gold – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates and have another fifty MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels
  • Platinum – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates and have another one hundred and twenty-five MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels
  • Emerald – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates (three must be Bronze or higher) and have another two hundred and fifty MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels
  • Diamond – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates (two must be Platinum or higher) and have another five hundred MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels
  • Double Diamond – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates (two must be Emerald or higher) and have another seven hundred and fifty MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels
  • Triple Diamond – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates and have another one thousand five hundred MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels (three unilevel legs must have a Diamond or higher ranked affiliate in them)
  • Black Diamond – maintain MLM commission qualification, maintain a least five MLM commission qualified affiliates, have another two thousand five hundred MLM commission qualified affiliates across seven unilevel team levels and maintain three unilevel legs with a Diamond or higher ranked affiliate in them
Retail Commissions

RegenaLife affiliates are paid a commission when they sell products to retail customers.

Retail commissions are calculated as the difference between the wholesale (affiliate) and retail cost of products ordered by retail customers (non-affiliates)

Regenalife Network Marketing Products

  1. Astaxanthin – “the most powerful carotenoid antioxidant for free radical scavenging”, retails at $39.99 a bottle
  2. Cocoa Bars – “Alkaline Forming – RAW – Organic – Sprouted – Kosher – Gluten FREE Vegetarian – Non-3
  3. GMO – Whole Food Organic Bars”, retails at $44 for a box of twelve bars
  4. Jiaogulan Tea (gynostemma pentaphyllum) – drinking Jiaogulan Tea can naturally assist you in controlling and maintaining healthy blood pressure, retails at $24.99 a pack
  5. Longevity Formula – “designed to produce the strongest antioxidant and anti-aging results possible”, retails at $39.99 a bottle
  6. Krill Oil with Astaxanthin – “contains naturally occurring long-chain omega 3 fatty acids; EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)”, retails at $24.99 a bottle
  7. Blu-Lina – “highly nutritious and easily digested algae water plant”, retails at $39.99 a bottle
  8. Regena Slim – “a nutritious & great tasting meal replacement”, retails at $88 a tub
    Humic & Fulvic Minerals – “crucial to the maintenance of good health”, retails at $39.99 a for a bottle of liquid or $44.99 for a bottle of capsules
  9. Fulvic Skin Spray – “regenerate skin cells and deliver complex nutrients necessary for healthy, youthful & glowing skin!”, retails at $24.99 a bottle
  10. Maitake – “may enhance immune activity against Infections, Viruses, Fevers, Colds, the FLU and Cancer, as well as reduce allergies”
  11. Living Raw Chocolate – ” the essential chocolate experience, infused with the depth true dark chocolate lovers dream of”, retails at $44 a box (two boxes $78, three boxes $135)
  12. The Daily Dose – “a daily drink providing 38 essential ingredients for healthy and total immune support”, retails at $69.99 a tub
  13. Prostate Health – “uses the triple power of USPlus Saw Palmetto Extract, Cranberry Seed Oil with Lycopene and Pumpkin Seed Oil to make a complete, stable, efficacious men’s health formula”, retails at $24.99 a bottle
  14. Regena-Flex – “a patented Joint formulation that targets the root cause of joint discomfort and stiffness”, retails at $45 a bottle
    Tumeric Curcumin (Curcuma Longa) – “Curcumin C3 Complex is the foremost clinically studied natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant with a variety of health benefits”, retails at $34.99 a bottle
  15. Vitality Factor – ” dramatically reduce both the loss of testosterone and the negative side effects that come with elevated levels of Estrogen (male breast growth, fat gain) and DHT (balding, acne & prostate issues)”, retails at $69.99 a bottle
  16. Whole Body Snacks – “selected raw and USDA organic snacks”, retails at $29.99 a pack
  17. Zeolite Whole Body – “carry harmful toxic substances out of the body via normal excretion processes without interacting with body tissue”, retails at $29.99 a bottle

Start Home Based Business With Evolv Health Network Marketing Company

Evolv Health is a Network Marketing Company. It has been around since 2009. Evolv Health is one of the latest health and wellness companies that have embraced the network marketing model. One of their primary products is water. The founder is Trey White.

Evolv is a company that creates various health supplements to assist people in their goals to live an active, healthy, lifestyle and burn fat.

Popular Evolv MLM Company Products

  • Shake (similar to protein powder but with additional ingredients and flavors)
  • Fuel (energy drink, powdered, mix in a cup)
  • Fix (another powdered drink, designed to relax the body)
  • Limitless (beat juice extract in a capsule, for weight loss)
  • Glow (skin care product, improves color and moisture)
  • Cprime (performance wrist band, not sure what it’s supposed to do)

Evolv Network Marketing Compensation Plan

There is ample opportunity for those looking to make some income with this MLM program. While the start-up cost is a little high at $59.95, your investment will be well worth it. After you sign up for the basic package, you will gain access to their product lines which are all really great. The products you will be offering your customers are backed by science and all are made from only the finest ingredients.

Evolv has a huge following and their numbers of happy customers are going up by the day. Once you sign-up, you will get the chance to offer these products and you will receive a generous 15% commission on all direct sales. There is also a tiered compensation plan that revolves around the amount of sale your downline makes.